Office.  Hopping back and forth between laptops.

Mood again, but reconstructing thoughts and how this writer’s mind functions.  Not reacting.  Caring, but not.  In a Philosophy class, one taught by my dad over the past 35 or so years.  On thinking, letting others impact your decisions, being sovereign but still connected to in concert with everything around you.

Was going to be in Vacavill—

Something pops up and now I’m rattling.  Fangs out, daring opposers.  Thinking they’re so clever with their sub rosa moves and cloaked devilish movements.

Thinking of Biggie’s words…. “This goes out to you… you… and you….”

I’m taking over this day.  All of it.  Smiling… distancing, no reaction.  STOIC SOLDIERY.

Breathe…. calm.  Meditation.  Something told to me yesterday ringing in ears…. Ringing still.

Need to meditate here on page for a second.

Collect, breath, don’t thinking about the thorns and mud.

Quick call, reviewing proposal later in day, 15:30.  Time is cruel again, and I can’t help but be a bit sad with how quick the weekend dashed by me, with the Nurse.

Keep busy.  Post everything.  Even if it gets you in trouble.  New story coming.