Ran Lawndale for the first time in months. Did so right after shift. Was on mountain, but didn’t […]

Pushing the elements foul Away, like wipers do drops. Cloud filling ears with rebel Encouragements. Pain seen, sewn […]

Image: student at table in hall, writing with panicked manner, possible makeup essay… But the simplicity of her […]

9:26PM. And, home. Been for several hours. Sipping my last SB glass. A ’12 I took home a […]

He was set on having the day be its own story, and so far.. he didn’t want to […]

9:47AM. Tired, and I don’t know how I’m making it through next class. I could, I suppose, let […]

The table moves, even with my wallet under one of the legs.  Sipping sparkling we opened last night, […]