Day Tandem

Pushing the elements foul
Away, like wipers do drops.
Cloud filling ears with rebel

Pain seen, sewn shut.
Finally at desk, pulled
Away by
Hazy recalls.
Infuse the cat claws, patience
Not for me.
Start, stop, pause… An exam.
Burn your grade book —

Mountain notes with avalanche
Intent. Empty holster,
Gun palmed. There’s a scratch on
The day’s vinyl. But maybe that’s

Pretend like I’m thinking,
With that look, where
I stare up and to the right for
30 seconds.
I counted.

Tap on the shoulder.
It’s a promotion.
But what will that do–

Don’t antagonize me.
I’m a scorpion.
Echo in a cafe by the intersection,
And there, not a single full table.
Entity whisper, coaching direction.
Recite the list, that’ll get
A kiss.