Eff Sales


Only writing about sales.  For as long as I can.  I’m not going to be one just saying SALES SALES SALES all the time, but the importance of it. You know, I’m going to write about sales without ever saying it.  That was the last time…  Educating your audience on what you do, why it’s not so much NEEDED but why someone should listen.  Too many are caught up in facts, figures, stats, sheets, columns and graphs, comparison.  This is all pertinent, but not the entire picture.  The WHY to the WHAT… that’s what we explain, and invite people to understand.

I hate the word ‘sales’, honestly.  So it’s not that.  Not anymore.  It’s the feeling I get after an amazing run done before 7:30am, like the other morning when I had 8 miles logged before that time.  When you open a wine you’ve never had before and it speaks to you in so many ways that you don’t know what you’re feeling or experiencing you just know you’re in love about a dozen times over.  No one wants to be sold, so don’t sell them.  Ask them about their story, about their needs, and their scenes.

Fly buzzing around my desk, again, and I wonder how I would sell this scene.  I know I just said the S-word, but it’s where my head is.  The story of this human, in this chair, with the fly circling him driving him mad… how do I make it connective, appealing, magnetic, or just interesting?  By not embellishing.  Man in seat, at desk, writing, trying to find more sense in what he does, and why, the why to the what and the who to the why and what.  He thinks, types notes and scribbles a couple, but doesn’t come to some constricting and encompassing conclusion.  Maybe that’s not what he’s looking for.  He keeps typing.


Didn’t write much yesterday.  Today should be quite hot, so not going out for run till close to sundown.

Sent flight plan, and now getting into day.  Jackie behind me on his learning program, Emma still asleep. Need today to be one of transaction, something sold or signed.

Got some information for tax lady… need to move some money again.  Before day is out, finalizing marketing effort and collective narrative for blogging practice.

Working on couch in a minute.  This chair is uncomfortable and this workspace is not at all a workspace.

My attitude is all wrong, and when we recognize our attitude is “wrong”, we need re-shape and re-write it.  Speaking to a leads group partner yesterday, an attorney, and how his business works. Interesting, and not much need for prospecting, and not that I envy him but the magnetism to his practice is something worthy of study and mimic.


When the week tarts, don’t rush.  It’s Monday.. go easy on yourself and don’t expect too much too quick.  IT’s the first day of the new week, and if it’s a new month know even more patience and pacing, general temperament ought be implemented.

Take your time… pick your positioning, speak in symphonic sync with the rest of the world.  Pushing for results and conversion will only impede.

Collect, then move.

Rushing is the surest way to ensure you’re lack or utter drought of conversion.  And don’t look for conversion on a Monday.  Look to find visions new, and from there move.




8:38.  Flight sent, as well as times for the last two weeks and expenses, which were none.  And time sheet isn’t a typical timesheet, just make changes if you took a day off, or something to that tune.  Otherwise you just submit.  It’s nice frankly, as I’m tired of clocking in and out of anything anymore in my life.

Slept in, but I’m moving.  Hoping to get one contract in, or two actually for same prospect.  Dragging their feet, for some reason.   This month I’m going to make into something mammoth.  More running, more writing, more calling and connecting.  SIP still in place but I’m not letting that stop me, and I’m not going to let other AEs catch me.

Idea, for networking… writing it down.

Jack in kitchen, working on a learning program focusing on sentences and idioms, filling in blanks, the like.

Second coffee.  Only one more K-cup after this remains.  Will go to store, at some point.  Maybe not today, as I want to stay in the chair and make this month what I see it being and only leaving except for dad to-do’s and the run I plan on doing around noon.

Between 12 and 1, it’ll be between 72 & 75 degrees.  Perfect running temps.  Will need a break from house and all these learning program app sounds by then–  Major firefight with the two.

Quarantine getting to me already today.  Can get out to street, and I keep saying that to myself which doesn’t help.  Kids fighting, complaining about everything (even going for a walk, as Jackie is now).  Miss when I could be in the Starbucks on 4th in San Rafael, taking calls, making notes, walking around to businesses, going to chamber events….  My mood is decaying….  I stop and solve it with PRODUCTION.

1:54: Back from Sonoma visit.

Can’t remember last time I was in the town.  Visit quite brief, picking up these little breakfast treats for kids and going to Square.  Looked around in this wine shop wing of this story at which we stopped.  Planning two wines for tonight, one I’ll open around 3pm, a bit over an hour from now, to sip slow in back yard, or on patio.

Walking around the square with babies chasing them as they wanted to climb every tree they could and play tag with me encouraging me to chase them, seeing if I could catch them with a three to five second head-start, I thought of making June a test month.  See how many of the days of the month I can wake at 4am, run, write… finish a book on either running, sales, wine, anything singular.  Thinking it’s going to be running… make June the month I’ve run the most EVER in my life.

Setting alarm for 4am.  Will sleep in running gear… starting a story of runner devoutness, more than discipline…  Want to overcome my fear of running when it’s dark, like at 4am

Jack calls for me to work next to him as we did yesterday.  Will in a sec, log what I’ve eaten so far today… breakfast sandwich from Starbucks which was free surprisingly and a 3-shot latte.  Then just had the rest of my salad from last night.  Need to log what I eat, more…. Sipping a beer only after Melissa coerced me not to go for a run, as it’s Sunday Funday as she exclaimed.  Made me miss my Lancaster Ladies.

Jack sends me a message on LinkedIn (Did I tell you he somehow made himself a profile?), telling me to come work next to him.  His intelligence is daunting, frankly.  Will bring the new Dad laptop to kitchen, look through past photos on camera, and phone.  So excited with this new laptop… Bottledaux, the business, the startup, the culture and brand and movement, will start from its keys.

Last day of May. In office. Cleaning, finally.

Kids playing with these mock-gem/rocks Mom gave me to give them.  Office, prepping for the week, my only aim for day.

Don’t really plan to write that much beyond this sitting.

No spending day, fasting till past lunch….  Run later.  More weights.  Order birthday present, finally.  Would be the only spend on day… weights, new running shoes.

Read Coelho, take notes on all paragraphs, lines.  FILL THE JOURNAL, as I tell students semester to semester.

Will go through camera as well.. where is it.  This office is too small, and not working at the moment.  No need to calm, just need sight, better measurement and temperament.

Jack watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon in the kitchen on his laptop…. Getting into and under my skin.  Get into the field, this week.  You have to.  Just walk around.  No intention of selling, just people seeing me.  Schedule open for the most part, tomorrow.  Shouldn’t be a problem.

Add to wine blog shop…..  Aim is 5 posts for day, and two re-posts.  Just did one.

Kids going nuts, crazy, upstairs watching the astronauts, or Melissa trying to get them to watch but from what I can hear Emma has no interest, in any regard… told to go to her room but she comes down here.  Already, a day. 

Kids going to bed. Jack coming down for something. Water….?

Tired still.  Nap didn’t do much.  Last glass of Rockpile.  One of the St. Francis bottles I bought and picked up the other day.

Going to start using new laptop in a bit.  Quarantine about to end, I can feel, and I’m either sad, or confused, analytically perplexed, or something. What am I supposed to think. Who knows.  At least I finished a book to finish a book.

Wine… should write more about her, it… my neighbor in back of this house has a light on, is doing work in the backyard.  Wonder if it’s with an ax like we saw the other day.  Wish I wrote like King, in that genre capsule, but I don’t….  And had too much wine to finish second poem.  Least I have the one from earlier, and those haikus.  Could wrote a couple more.

Kitchen especially quiet.  No dishwasher like last night, no music, no rain, no thunder like this morning … still can’t believe that…  Just me and these key pushes, slaps and taps.

Wine tells me to slow, meditate, be in the wine more.  Dark.. smoke-told and professed, and not from the fires, I don’t think.  My own label… whoso.  When.  And I don’t think I want my sister involved.  No shot at her, merely want to do so on my own.  Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist, right?  So… on my own.  My way.  No textbook.  No lecture notes, no lab..  Just the fermentation talking to me.

Glass half-occupied.  Taking my time  Still difficult to conceive I went tasting yesterday, actually out and at a table, something pouring for me… wine tasting, how.  This world now, different.  And that must explain my mood for half the day, yesterday… my birthday, but I’m not the only.  Making me think, this Rockpile, this purple puddle..


I taste the last of the wines, make notes, leave shop. 

Walking to my car I have no idea what the rest of the night. 

Look over my notes, maybe. 

Maybe enjoy wine just to do just that.