6:04.  Back from Field

and ready for home.  Rain in Berkeley, my sweater still a bit damp.  Office thinned, with people working.  Quiet, but not.  The Inside Sales team of course animated as always.  This place with it being a work spot of energy and technology, creative, never truly stops, or sleeps.  With me writing about it, I notice the difference between morning mood and atmosphere to now, 6pm and later.  There’s a contrast, but not.  Maybe it’s just a different collective character in the office.  I study the texture and language of this office, even when I should be clocking out, going home, getting running components ready for coming day.

Now, walk across floor, all the way to the other side of building to room where Field Sales is based.  Put tablet in safe, make sure closed, then more steps back to here.


Decided on Mexican good, to take myself out to lunch. Reasoned I deserve. Can’t remember the composition of that reasoning, or if there was any, but I’m here and I’m fine with it. Sparkling water. Staying with my vision of drinking more water.

Get up early, I keep telling myself. Walking all those Albany hill streets Nd imagining running them.

Will meet with Caleb’s team, check in and get an update, canvass with them a bit then head back to Santa Rosa. I know what I’m learning from the day, but don’t have time to write it here. Not now. But will later.


Have to leave for office in ten.  Actually 11.  Got quite a bit done here at this Starbucks I’ve never written at, actually never been to, I don’t think.  Today is going to be that day, I told myself this morning when I woke up from not being able to breathe out, in nose.  Cold hanging on but I’m defeating it.  You could call it mental toughness but I don’t see it that way.  I see it as simple decision.  I’m not going to let a cold or some congestion form the day’s type and write.

When in office, write notes for day, for sales team.  Also going to start on that letter for…. Can’t here say, but I will write at least a sentence.  EDUCATION.  What I’m doing, for the rest of my life. In and at Sonic, but as well for Self.  For YOU.  Use YOU more than I, I tell myself, and urge others to think similarly.  Again, the inward jot…. Its importance and magnitude cannot be exaggerated.

No fantods, just assurance and more than confidence that what I’m doing right now, RIGHT NOW, and with this morning’s newly-noted peregrination in education is anointing in humble and boastful leans.

You start your day one way from decision.  You can re-write, you can wildly and creatively ignite.  You can write yourself to new mood.  Start writing.  Do it ALL in a hundred words.  I mean, how much do you need in one sitting?  Then do another hundred.  Then another.  Let you inner and intrinsic ox out of its bottle.