Sonic tells a different story.  And more than telling a story, it has a reassuring presence and octave in everything it does.  From general customer and client relations to the ongoing life in the office, there’s always development, there’s always a way to elevate.

Sonic reminds you of your creativity and encourages more exploration.

Find myself tiring again, just after 4 (4:16).  Waking for this morning’s lead group meeting taxed my sight and sense and movement.  Better now, but still feel the slowness about me.  What to do now…. Notes for tomorrow, or not.  Knowing where I’m going in terms of walking around and talking to people.  But writing, what do I write… when do I have time, anymore.  No excuses, I know.  Even when this tired.

Keep with the harvest analogy, if I were in a vineyard at 4am, or earlier.  There is no option but to move, keep moving, and no matter how drained and surrendered I am or feel or just plainly am I have to continue in steps and escalate where I can.  Why Sonic is more than “a fit” for me. This creative enclave promotes and prompts more movement, more reiteration of where I am and why I’m doing it.

Had to get up, walk around, outside and get some real air.  Not sure it woke me any more, but I’m here and I’m still moving.  Hungry now, and just yawned again.  Harvest… harvest…. Been up since 5 but so what.  Still have fruit coming in, ideas, things to write.  So… the tired is just ignored.


Final ten or so minutes in day, I see the next day.  The aim, more movement.  More writing, more moments of education and sight.  How to build, and further narrate my story at this company, starting my own agency solely build around positivity, storytelling, connectedness.  Tomorrow I’ll stay on the phone, go through leads, and think of creative ways to attract business.  And just like that, I have another illustrate hop into my head.

300 words a day, on the company.  On what I do, on what Sonic does for businesses… 300 words, and first thing.  Get here early, every day.  Can’t tomorrow as I have the Leads Group meeting at 7, but right after than, come here… voice, presence, genuine world composed from the two.  That’s all this is, anything in business, not so much what you “make it”, but what you saw before your movement.


Less than an hour left in day but I don’t at all plan on leaving at five.  Not even minutely.  Stay an organize, and more than organize, PLAN.  Write the vision, writing more for the business, my business and practice.  Consolidating everything.  No complaining, no turbulence like yesterday which I let happen.  Today walking around Petaluma for new business with department head showed me about voice, approach and wording. What my old wine industry friend said, less is better… less is always better.  And he’s a winery owner, one you’d think is always looking for new approaches and new ways of doing things in day to day operations and actuations.

Movement is the principle to be embraced, and consistently practiced.  And in simple, singular sets and strokes.  And these steps are not really that simple, or one-dimensional.  They are loaded with amplifying potential, and life, a sharp vivacity.  The department head, Mark, told me to keep doing what I was doing, and remember to just be myself.  Talk to people, learn about them, tell them what we’re doing there. Make it enjoyable.  Ideas and thinking shapes I already know and enact, but to hear it reiterated by him was elevating, poetically.

Interrupted to tend to another thing. What I’m noticing more about my business life is that you anticipate distraction.  Write in sentence of shorter length and sharper connection.  Wine after work.  Not sure where.  Have idea for somewhere new, but not sold. Everything comes back to wine, what I thought and still think walking those vineyard blocks, this morning waking and realizing the Malbec last night didn’t say much.  Which is fine, more than fine. That’s instruction, elucidation of my story and character station, not ever allowing moods or some disposition complacent.

Need a walk, some air, a break, or just a walk to have thoughts land on me like curious wings.


When prospecting I notice myself saying too much.  The same way people talk too much about wine, on both sides of the bar.  Less… it’s not only more it’s what’s appropriate, it’s what works.  Let the other person talk.  Ask them questions.  This isn’t sales device, it’s sales reality, sales remedy.

Today has been educating, on a number of notes, and all yay-saying.  It’s not selling yourself, or even Sonic, it’s showing eagerness to learn about the other person.  More than rapport, but CONNECTION.

Tomorrow’s new, another tablet.  So that’s where my focus is.  My sales notes compiling.  What do I do with them.  Have no idea right now.  They’re doing something to me, for me, with me.  Sell whatever it is you’re selling like you’re talking about whatever your most elevated interest is.  For me, of course, it’s wine and literature.  So… speak of Sonic as it’s a character, one that’s colorful and fun, educating and remedying.

… through love of wine, the vineyards, walking in vineyards as I do.  I opened the blend, red blend, from Inspiration last night when home from Mom and Dad’s, and she forwarded in random beats, spoke with curiosity and certainty, helixed in amorous shape and tone. I know I’m home on this page, with her, I knew I was last night.  The red fruit syllables sang in tandem with terrestrial chords and peppered curvature.  Again music, again poetic.  What is was was time and me in that time, right there with her.  That’s all I knew, know. That’s all there need be.  When wine is overthought it’s forgotten.  You’re at that point not into the wine anymore but whatever thought stream you’re on for whatever reason…

To take a break in a minute.  Not before the final Syrah splash. This wine, with decision, more than music, some thaumaturgical throw and step, shape and clef.  I don’t know what it is. And she just woke, just decided to express her intentions and interactive spell in this room.

Glass full.  But I wait.  Like anticipation with a lover. She, there, here next to me wanting interactions and connection but I withhold and hold my standing, stance here.

Set phone down.  Enough checking messages and updates and whatever else.  Tonight is for her, me, right now, we.  Angle smoke-riled, with cosmic and note-honed back and forth. This is music, this final glass, like the last track on an album you listened to in one sitting and are lachrymose that end arrives.  Look at glass.  Refuse to sip. Not yet.  She’s with me, and I know that, she does, but there’s a wait and that’s what assures ascension of interaction.

The Syrah tells me to hold my state, thinking, keep with the Coltrane track, see streets in Paris.  You will get back, she sys, reminding me there is so much more time for me, so much more story, pages, pages atop pages.  I needed a night like this, to just be here in home and listen to wine alongside the notes of Mr. Coltrane.

See my tasting room, pouring for friends and family only, and maybe friends of friends.

My business model is so simple it’s not much a model at all.  Like this Syrah, inviting, not over complicated and quite communicative.  The tasting room wouldn’t be a tasting room, not sure why I keep calling it that.  So what is it.  Yes it’s a room, and yes we taste wine, but every tasting room is just called a “tasting room”.  The study?  The Room?  What if it didn’t have a name, like a track with no title?


Day driving around wine country and being in wined character.  After going in to office this morning to work a bit but more for writing, writing in a place that is mine, where I am me and collected and collective in my wined music velocity.  Poured self glass of the Delectus Sytah.  Think there’s two glasses left, I don’t know.  Sipping slow.  Letting her to me speak.  Wine tells me to mind pace and be more with music’s quip and code and only speak that language alongside wine.

Had to use money that was in envelope.  Back to first square.  Less than that.  Not worrying.  The Syrah is singing to me and telling me to write, go through pictures from that Dry Creek vineyard, pick what music and dialect you can.


Starting my own thing, or agency, in this new position.  Truly making it my own and more than the trite and rehearsed way of doing so.  Creative, communication… more than that. This job is not at all a job, I’m seeing.  It’s a loving test of self ability and sight, progression and momentums.  MY story.  I always tell students to be a fan of themselves. This is the invitation to actuate what I advocate.

We need do this more, and tell ourselves more.  Especially if we’re in sales, that we have more than just some unique and distinguished ability to do what we do, and much beyond the selling part.  We’re all starting our own operations if we bring ourselves to such a stage, such a posture and vocal.

Going to take a quick break, do some work for self and for Sonic, and see what else I can do with the day.  Don’t have a list of to-do, or cascade of daily aims.  I’m listing everything after it’s done.  One point at a time.  Another embrace of my embrace of singularity and the sense of singular points of exploration and heartfelt education, self-education and elucidation.

Thinking like an agency owner.  My own agency and business.  That’s what’s encouraged in this division, and not at all hype or embellishment.  Not at all.  I have been wondering, what took so long for me to find this, but that’s a futile framing of mind and movement.  I’m here, I’m doing it and by it I mean writing and speaking with some return.  Work… we all work, but do we all love what we do this much?  We all should, but we need be fans of ourselves first, truly.  If you’re in sales and marketing, or one or the other singularly then we ought know our character and story, and love to read and re-read it, have no fear of it being read.

In sales, it has to be “your own thing”.  That’s all there is.  And always.  When you own something, the only shape of thought is seeing it elevate and succeed.  Do you job less, don’t focus so much on conversion.  Conversion will occur and sales will be logged if you’re having conversations in heartfelt form.  Again, especially if you’re in sales.  Make the story yours, and if you’re having trouble doing so, remove yourself. Just have a conversation, enjoy the conversation and the day and your place, significance, in it.  It’s your story, remember that.


4:17pm, back a little bit ago from canvassing businesses in Airport District.  Tired and unmotivated.  Pushing self to keep moving.  This helps, this pushing of keys.  Guy who sits next to me just wish me a good weekend.  Wine on mind, running in morning, the whole day tomorrow to self.

Hungry as well.  Nothing to write nor think…. Zen in mind pen, inner tablets, pages, papers blown one way and the other by meditative gusts.

People behind me, in other department laughing.  Definitely the weekend, and their voices are celebratory and lit like street lights and buildings in Times Square.  Not sure I have the energy to make another call. Okay, I tell myself.  Just one more.  Actuate.  Don’t at all advocate.  This is your agency.