…aim, to live from this.  This page, all reflections entailed, my character never assailed only assimilated into new destinies and room consistencies.  I look back but only for a microscopic consideration of quasi-veneration.  My present station not so much simplified but sterlingly dignified, amplified, another glass so vinified.

Having what I’m having in this sitting, all to the Pinot, third of the three last night, only touched when home, and again only a glass.  Friday tomorrow, and what… next day tasting but more importantly photographing vineyards in Dry Creek.  Think I’ll start at Sbragia, like the last time I had a whole Saturday to self and went there, did just that.  More for the photos that some tasting flight.  And I’ve tasted there, at Sbragia and all Northern Dry Creek Road how many times.  Exactly.  So only for the photos, the stills of vines and their there would-be clusters.  The vintage in its formative pulse and manuscript, manifold decided and told.

Technology halting is pummel of inconvenience and inconsistency and bother.  Now I can type, imagine that.  On that to-do for the night, read.  Not sure I’ll get to that and I feel horrible.  My son always makes time for his reading, every morning, so eager the little poet is to read ALOUD…

Tonight Pinot was

seen and felt differently. There was more. I don’t know how else to say it. There wasn’t simplicity, but something like it. Honesty, approachability, something. It wasn’t Pinot, it was more. Not some fashionable name you just say to say it, telling people you drink it. There was love there tonight, at Mom and Dad’s. Love.

Today, calendar spots.  Setting appointments.  That’s the aim.  No selling, just setting up meetings.  And tell the people, the prospects, that’s what you’re there to do.  Don’t sell, don’t try too hard, just communicate.  Be out there in front of people, speaking…. Obvious notes to self but I had to note them. Hoping anyone in the like-position or role, whether sales or marketing or something mirroring can benefit and if not learn then be provoked to think of a new approach to their day, their work.  Van Gogh said he dreams his paintings and paints his dreams.  That’s what we all are, as business people.  Painters.  We draw and color our desired reality and stage as we wish it played.


Time passes us far faster than we estimate or can appreciate, so just draw.  Be wild, mad, free in your productivity.

How I’m still awake, moving and alive,

cognitively cogent and coherent is miraculous.  Lively radiant, glowing day in Marin.  Opened Krug Chenin Blanc, poured self a glass which could very well be the capping of night, and then soon to bed. Meeting with Lead group in morning, 7am.  Not sure what will be folded into the meeting, the deliverables as much I hate that word, but my story so far on the B2B side had proven more than enriching, elevating, a prognostication and game of its own.  Keep momentum a momentum.

For the day, I felt no signs of exhaustion till I had my meeting with Mark at 2.  I told him what I’d done, wake before 3 and couldn’t go back into any horizontal field as I started thinking about the day ahead of me.  And now I’m here, glass of white, 8:12, and unsure of how much longer this writing runner and daddy, wine light can be lit, literary, in the day.  Feel like HST in his dash for the dream, American or whatever, and me for my wine Room, or tasting quarter.  Everything I write is work as wine is the fruition of work, the butterfly after all her stages.

First sip of the Chenin and far past the crisp or fresh, pristine beam I think of from the tasting room.  Was thinking about opening the Rose I bought for Alice but then no I couldn’t how could I she’ll come home from her trip ‘cross country and want just that, a cold glass of Rose.  Relax.  So I left it alone.  Mom told me to not bring anything to the Pinot tasting tomorrow night which looks like will only entail parents and self.  Bought a ’16 Davis Bynum.  Not a bad point of pricing, and I’m curious to see what’s sung from the bottle.  Have I had one of these before?

6:14.  9.5 miles later and I’m

a leg up on the day, maybe more with the thousand or so words I earlier wrote.  I do feel tired still, a bit, but the run woke me.  Going down to Novato, hopefully get some appointments set for businesses and executives to me.  Need to shave, wear clothes bought last night.  Hopefully that shirt fits.  After work, home.  Wine and laundry.  Bed early more or less, again.  And if not, then I run in the heat.  OR at night.  At some point.  No more excuses, no more anything that… well, can’t run tomorrow night.  Have a Pinot tasting at Mom and Dad’s, and I need to get a couple Pinots for that.  I’ll hit Oliver’s tonight, get a burrito or something.

I now feel the tired wings wrap me in its intentions.  Just have to keep moving.  Dinner, laundry, just realized this is not a fun topic to write, and I bet even more painful to read.  I need to travel.  Even my kids are in DC now after spending a couple nights in NYC, seeing a Broadway show.  That’s it.  Travel.  And a weekend day in Napa doesn’t count, fun as it was.

Pinot Noir… tonight.  Budget is…. What.  Maybe get dinner at Oliver’s then head to Bottle Barn.  I don’t know.  I overthink.  And I’ve noticed myself doing it A LOT, lately.


Deciding to write more about where I work, what I do, good days and those not.  Today, one of the good, multiple times over.  Everything from the morning, to being out in the Field on my own, lunch with a Senior AE, then to the meeting where the director of the department complimented in front of everyone in the room, a good 15 or more people, my energy and enthusiasm and eagerness to devour the knowledge that’s here in this department and those affiliated.  There’s more life, more invitation in this building, I can now see and say with concrete confirmation.

Sonic, in all its randomness, brilliance and oddity, is more than optimal for a writer like me.  I write about work, what we do for work and why.  And why I’m here is very much a result and compliment to the wine industry.  Not just developing some sales “talent”, but an interest in business identity and functionality.

Hearing everyone around me speak in the language of their Craft, their expertise, settles and assures me.  Writing everything down, on one legal pad.  Centralizing, this building teaches me.  A company that doesn’t just elevate business’ phone and internet setup, but is a creative amoeba, consistent in reliability and accessibility even with its changing shape.


Busy day.  Caught self overthinking a bit ago.  But resolved.  Don’t think.  Just move, act, create.

Going shopping for some new work articles, then home for dinner, little writing and bed early.  Tomorrow a 4am-er. Told Abraham I’d be there, and more than that I WANT to be there.  For me.  Try for 9 miles.  Then the next day, the next, and all remaining.

Rest of day planned to not any kind of boring degree.  Hear people around me in leave mode, but I’m still in the propelled personification I had this morning. Work, as an idea, and one stretching from wine.  I think about all the work that involves in winemaking, how strenuous it is, the early rises but even more than that, the containment, more than focus or fixation, but IT.  The IT to it all.  All this.

Setting out running uniform, or not uniform but you know what I mean, tonight.  Shoes out, untied, phone charged, headphones, everything.  If I can, leave before 4 like I did that one time.

Phone at desk set up, voice message and my name for in-office comm.  Only minutes from leave.  Day for tomorrow more or less planned.  Meeting in morning, out in Field later in day and for most of the day’s remainder.

Put trash cans out.  Can’t forget to do that… not that exciting a detail but one with which everyone is familiar.  In bed before ten, the aim.  Going over to-do plate, not so much a list just a bunch of slop on a plate.

4:50, been chewing this gum since before the meeting we just had, which started at 3 and Shannon and myself nearly missed having lunch out right before.  Work versus time.  How to approach, how to consider, how to be place and put-together as character, for character and story.

…yes more coffee.  Doesn’t cost, and he should.  Presses button, small cup than the last.  Sets budget for week.  8am, should get in shower, or not.  Just ready self by washing face, putting comb through hair, shirt and sweater and ready.  Mike doesn’t know what else to write about the morning.  4am wake, but he’s written that how many times.  Exactly, he says.  Knows today has to be antithetical to prior days, carries.  Write everything down.  Literally everything, even if painful.  No wine during week, only running and early ups.  To gym like his friend Abraham, another with more than impressive system.  Mike sets his mind to running, to travel, to photography.  Needing more, he looks at his phone, shots taken from yest–  Mike realizes he left his camera in Chris’ car.  Shit, he thinks.  He hates it when things like this occur but then realizes it’s not a deal at all…