6/30/14–  And the month is done.  How did that happen?  Tonight’s class.. looking for gems, beauty in the […]

10:23PM…  Sulfured barrels with Zach today.  Ever more in a winemaking reel.  Need make real.  So I save […]

Asking mySelf, “What should I write about?” Both for the actual morning session and in totality.  I hate […]

Morning 3, sans mon petit Kerouac.  Still feeling very much yesterday’s run.  And today, more waiting…  Not necessarily […]

Morning two with no Kerouac.  Still not favoring these mornings.. I need his voice, his quickness, his play, […]

And an offer.  $15 per hour.  IS that what I’m worth?  I’m fed up, and I can’t take […]