Morning 1 with no little Kerouac.  Feels odd, off, and I don’t at all like it.  Went to […]

No more wine for day (6/22).  I did taste a couple from tank, one Chard and a Zin, […]

6/20/14 Working on a short for the ‘Tasting the Room’ sequence.  Done with cup one, now I need […]

6/18/14 Kerouac down for his nap, and I’m tempted to take one myself…  Class in a little under […]

7:25AM, still tired from yesterday a bit, but watching little Kerouac fiddle with his trucks and cars and […]

10:24PM.  Sipping a small splash of ’11 Zin.  Tired from this first of sixteen long days, working at […]

Second cup, ready for this first day of summer.  Everything kept simple, from assignments to assessing them to […]

Morning run Elevate heart rate Then caffeine, everything fast Everything has to be so Fast Guidelines to company, […]