Three days till Summer session’s first day.. and I woke this morning feeling more ready than I ever […]

In the mood only to be lazy, research other places, whatever’s not here, not regular, not predicted and […]

Tonight I’ll be smothered by my own drive. Cloth in incongruities– But so what, How else am I […]

Marlin on hook What if I reject What if spit it out They’ll be invalid Unimportant Just useless […]

In adjunct cell.  Done with syllabi composition.  Just posted to teaching blog.. now, I’m headed to bookstore to […]

No mood to title.  Just write.  Sipping the Viognier we took home yesterday.  Left mine in the closet […]

Thanks. I’m not motivated. At all. I feel slow, devalued like discarded paper, or cans. No I’m a […]