Three days till Summer session’s first day.. and I woke this morning feeling more ready than I ever have been, and the urge to write this note, about the line-by-line excavation of a text pulled me from bed, even away from my son and Ms. Alice–  I will urge students to notice everything from word choice, to imagery, to sound and tone to what it could mean for other people.  Summer session will be what takes me out of an industry in which I no longer have any interest.  Now, readers, time for coffee.. time for the day.. time for ME.  The sun outside, highlighting a tall green tree, that I stare at through the blinds as soon as I work– its “tint”, sharp, confident, vocal and warpingly ambiguous.  It didn’t move, and if there is wind of any forward, there couldn’t be an inch moved.. and it very obvious greenness, somehow a myriad of shadow, color, hue contrast.. no wonder it’s so confident so early.

7:18AM.  And I’m headed into the shower, prepare for the obligated, “responsible” day.  I’m enjoying my coffee first.  Winemaking yesterday, all I could think of, focus on, what my character wants to do and how she’ll do it.  She wants everything simple, but stunning, like that I tree that woke me– and yes, I’m convinced it called me to consciousness.