In the mood only to be lazy, research other places, whatever’s not here, not regular, not predicted and expected.  It’s clear…  I HAVE to wake early tomorrow morning.  The whole of today, thinking to Self that I need to get Self to Road, to observe and appreciate, paginate, Newness.. otherwise what’s the point of living, really.  No wine tonight.  And I’m tired of the lowering ceiling, suppressing my climb.  But I’ll keep with my resistance.  I see mySelf, so soon, in that hotel Room, writing, with a bottle of whatever red I ordered up, my next novel, right there, at least three chapters, one sitting.. I was expected to attend some dinner, then after a cocktail hour, but I’m not at all interested.  I want to write, just be here, in my hotel room, to me, my Self, or sense thereof, then sleep.  Glad I stopped with that last Ale, I’m feeling a bit heavy with these recent winds.  Going to set alarm, assured to early wake.  Start on a couple letters I want to send to writer friend–  Hate everything I’m writing, right now.  So I should just surrender.  The AC just came on.. odd.  Don’t think it’s that heated outside.  Should run tomorrow, after my introductory words, get my blood in a boastful bubbling for the remainder of day.  So now I’m on the couch, redefining my pedagogical approach for Summer’s term.  But it has to be different, it has to be more musical, more enveloping and engaging, not so focused on the institutionalized “that”, the system, the symposium of rule followers.  No.. my class will be focused on Self, the new experience.. Newness, for the benefit and power of the student.. to make them understand and revel in the reality that they’re not just “students”.  Each, in their seat, will walk away with an unbelievable going.. truly reformed in their own reactions.  Reinvented, like I, finally.