At work and ready for event.  More I think about myself as a “brand” and idea, writer and teacher and wined bloke, I see everything as the same, more connected and singularized and not as compartmentalized.  Quiet now, but not later, with our ‘Burgers & Bocce’ event today.  Was told I might be on the mic a bit to stir the crowd, something I have absolutely ZERO problem with.

Want to run tonight.  And I should… at least 8 miles.  Also, just a note to self, as is most of my writing anyway… look into marathons for next year.  Want to do three.  Want 26.2 to be MY distance.  Have to adjust certain consistencies, though.  Go to bed later, meaning write into later hours… wake up earlier…. Don’t worry, Mama, I’ll get enough sleep.  But I need to push myself like no other time in the writer’s life.  Just what has to happen.  And it starts with today, tonight, tomorrow morning….  Au revoir!

Tasters from Dallas…

“I think of that pink wine when I hear Zinfandel. Is that wrong?” 40-something woman says.

“Well, it–” I start.

“Zinfandel IS pink, Jeanie.  This is a different kind of Zinfandel.  It’s red so it’s much different.  There’s tannics in this one.  Actual Zin doesn’t have tannics ’cause it’s served cold.” Early 50’s man confidently offers.

“Well…” Not knowing how to respond, I don’t before I do.

Wine has the writer

thinking about travel, again.  Going against what’s expected.  Why does wine hold this hold over and around me?  It’s a functionally too-functional relationship.  It’s not even a relationship or codependency– not sure what it is but wine is and I am and we’ll always be assembled concurrent.  It’s 11:26 right now and I haven’t walked a vineyard row yet.  I tap into my pictures and hope for the best… please can there be one somewhere in this phone that puts me there… a vineyard in Greece, Spain, Champagne, Portugal…