Starting day, with something Crystal said yesterday, pacing back/forth in brain like lost tourists.. “I got back, and […]

Alphabetized urges. Rearrange with Color proximity.. Tree leaf shade, candycane, No sense. Good. The requisite, pre-, For staying […]

All day, scribble life– Tired.. Frowning night. Itemize singular gripes. Count stripes only 2B dizzied Below sights. 8/28/13

8/25/13–  Destroyed Lawndale.  57:14, 7.35 mi, 7:47/mi.  Just posted to pedagogy blog.  My students, seemingly apt to engage […]

8/19–  7:04am.  Disappointed.  No run this morning.  Will sub for other exercises tonight, possibly.  “Planks,” or whatever they’re […]