Starting day, with something Crystal said yesterday, pacing back/forth in brain like lost tourists.. “I got back, and I was just lost,” referring to her return from a trip, then trying to re-immerse in  my writing, on “blog,” citing overwhelming pace, content presence.  I felt altogether validated, that someone I respect sees how much I’m in the chair, moving words as I order them.  Her words, making my day, frankly.

Tonight..  NO.  WINE.  Have to early wake for run in Howarth Park/Annadel.  Another race scheduled, 9/8/13, through the forest, much of it uphill.  Need to force Self to earlier wake, EVERYday.

8:41am.  Already see pieces I want in 41-page project.  And I need to get it done.  Quick.  Need extra funds.  A little tip money yesterday, but not enough for any kind of impact.


Need another coffee.

No surprise.

Slow moving, thanks to

2008, a


Gelatinous magic, not me.

Not this morrow.


Flash fiction pieces, streaming through head.  Would love to leave early today, but won’t.  And shouldn’t.  Need the material.

And the