2morrow running

Enjoying the freeness of writing, tonight.  Sipping a forgotten ’09 blend from winery.  Again, no visit to wines today.  And you know what.. I’m not planning ANYTHING, anymore.  Taking life’s whole as it to me comes.  What I hope to do tomorrow, taste my wines, both barrels.  But if I don’t, then I don’t.  Wrote quite a bit in little pages today, for ‘name tag’ piece.  A little folded from wines tonight, but I’m writing onward.  Tomorrow morning, running.  I better, I swear.  No, there’s no choice– I’m running.  Driving to Annadel, then launching from parking lot, as Carmen and I have.  Our race, 9/8, 9 days away, counting today.  Should probably sever vino ties, till after event.  Looking back at glass, just one sip more.  “Why don’t you just sill it out, then, if you don’t want to sip more?” Well, ‘cause I have more respect for the wine than that, to just dump it out.  And that’s what “the industry” forgets.. the WINE.

Want to fly, like Dad.  Be in sky.  What if I did something utterly away from character.. research aviation, make that new passion.  Not that it would be such a stretch, as I’ve always respected what Dad can do, has done for a living to provide everything our family has had.  Just that I’ve never pursued it.  I’ve thought about it, but never acted.  What I’d see from sky.. views no one else can see.. not if they can’t fly, like me.  But that wouldn’t be my motivation.  I just want to be in sky.  With clouds, above terroir.

Tired.  Can’t wait for run tomorrow.  Know I say I’m tired a lot.  But I work, a lot.  And I’m tired.  But I’m ready for run, tomorrow.  Think I’ll make Self a decaf.  Ooo, that sounds good.

11:08pm.  Decaf at left, here on couch.  Ready for run, tomorrow.  My only focus at this point.  Writing ‘cause I feel I have to.  What if I

took the rest

of the



Rushing to expel the blend’s brightness from my streaming.  Thank the Craft for this decaf…

9/1/13.  No run.  Disgusted.  Sipping coffee.  Just started, but feeling unusually anxious this A.M.  Like there’s more for me to do than’s known.  Hopefully it wears off.  Need more coffee.  Only known solution, present.  Cloud cover, only, from what I can see through blinds.  Possible rain they said, the weather idiots, before heat’s wave next week.  Going to document the day obnoxiously, focusing on single objects, symbols..  yesterday’s:  the corkscrew, or “wine key” [phrase I hate.. sounds so marketing-y].

Imaging Self in Paris.  Returning to my studies, today, with oddly impassioned force.. Qu’est-ce qui doit être fait.

Just need to cook the

staleness away.

Need quiet to work–

My Room.  My office–

Think I like the word Studio


8am.  To get ready for work.  What if I was preparing for day in my office?  Would I see day same?  Of course not.  But that’s what I want to see.. what I haven’t seen.  Soon, I know.