Confusing tag forums. Deciding to twist fate’s cap, see what happens. Hope I spill. (2/27/14)

2/26/14:  Must say I’m quite pleased in what I’ve today written.  Three standalone poems, one thousand words, or […]

Paper cup.  I sympathize. You want to be more, more sturdy of material, more respected, on a shelf […]

At home.  Now, I straighten up, consolidate.  And I’ll be done by 3.  That’s all the time I’m […]

8:33PM.  Merlot from winery, tonight.  Tomorrow, running, even if it rains.  Actually, especially if it rains!  Never gone […]

Need another cup.  I just can’t wake up, for some reason.  After 100, my character needs his rest.  […]