New writing spot, 1:51PM.  At the park by Maria Carillo High, and the library, here on Montecito Blvd.  […]

8:51PM.  Posted a poem earlier, which I’m quite sure I’ll use for the first poetry collection.  Two Irishmen […]

Tunnel for my training vision.. Clouds abstract, more galleries, please. Leaves from my cabin, order another negroni. If […]

9:06AM.  In Library, in corner, nice and lovingly quiet.  A little time with my words before meeting Mercedes, […]

2/11/14–  And my mood, still quite foul.  Reminded again today why wine’s world isn’t for someone like me.  […]

Nearly finished with Napa Supplemental Questions.  After ‘100’, I’ll be retiring to the library, finish application completely.  10:18AM, […]

Latte, saving me, barely. Watching rain fall. On their clock. I’m winning, staying amused. A mouse somewhere in […]

Streets, missing falls, cold– Spinning in resentment of the rest. Not needed. 2/9/14

The rain, still in its fall.  And me, this dizzy writer, exhausted after two vineyard tours in this […]

Finished a purge of poem.  And it still rains.  Alice, downstairs on couch, slowly interacting with the chicken […]