2/7/14– Working on applications.  Need a break, frankly.  The rain, falling since I left Jack at Ms. Lisa’s.  […]

2/6/14.  Taking day to Self, for morrow.  Not stating agenda here, as that’d only cheapen, jinx.  Hear light […]

Up from nap.  Brewing coffee.  Have to print another page tonight, from book.  And if I don’t, who […]

9:35AM.  Love writing a day’s thousand before 10.  Thank this semester’s schedule.  Still thinking about the ‘5’ papers […]

2/3/14.  Done with run.  Ran for 1hr, 1min, 39sec.  Went partially into Annadel, on a trail, but I […]

Oh, how free I feel.  And I’ll continue to drink this IPA, follow freely into Poe’s plea.  I […]

Home a bit late this evening as I had some silly tasting to host.  And now that I’m […]