2/3/14.  Done with run.  Ran for 1hr, 1min, 39sec.  Went partially into Annadel, on a trail, but I had already run a few miles, so the uphill terrain, rocky path, quickly tired me.  Those smells, the geese, ducks, other runners, walkers, bicyclists, the water, making me write in my head, in each sole contact.

And the quiet, the dampened low volume of those woods, only motivated me.  One character, a much older man, whom I saw running in the direction of Howarth, along that levy, stomped off the paved road, ran slow, quite slow.  I imagined him thinking about how he used to run faster, but he refused to let that bother him, he was set on having a nice run.  Other runners, around my age and younger, dashing past me.  I’ve certainly lost stamina, time, mental propulsion.  Have to continue this habit.  Tomorrow night, celebrating Katie’s birthday at Mom & Dad’s, so only one glass of wine with dinner.  Need ample sleep if I’m to have another run like today’s, come Wednesday.

Want to drive to store, get cash, retrieve some kind of beer to sip tonight.  But what?  Maybe I should air on white wine’s side…  A shower, sounding amazing.  So does a coffee.  My last, before ‘100’, this morning, before 11.


My sight, getting much clearer with the consolidation of all these prose writings, for books’ sakes.  Time for coffee…  Only can think of the trails, if I would have started where I began up that path, right across that small road, where I often in the morning write, in the silver car.  This morning’s session, with ‘5’, re-urging me, with even more urgency, to be on the Road, to see, truly see.  Truly observe, appreciate Life.  This 40-hour repetition is death.  And with no classes this summer, I’m only that more motivated.  I’ll start with these poems.


note:  When done with run, I went over to stretch by the little declining driveway, if you will, extending into the lake (for boat drop-off), where many times, including today, many will sit, stare at water, or feed the ducks, bird, white and, or, Canadian geese.  Think every bird type was out there today, including these little black birds with slight red markings on wings.  I could look up what that signifies, indicates, easily, with some online research, but I’d rather not know.  I’ll draw something, some significance.


note:  Hoping I’m too sore to run on Wednesday, so I can hit a café, maybe the one in Cotati, contribute a couple thousand words to the book.  Or the 4th & D spot.  I need movement, as I’ve always said.  So what do I do with a still present?  I’ll get back to you..


The watch Dad bought me for xmas, perfect for my jaunts.  Very helpful today.  But I need to keep running, and do things, as much I can, out of character.  As my son explores, continues to learn and develop, I need the same do.


note:  I feel odd about finishing a collection of poetry, releasing it, thinking I’ve written a book, trying to convince myself  I have, or forcing myself to have that feeling.  Think I DO want a novel, or narrative novel, instead.  Just need to write faster, and only in 1 place..