Up from nap.  Brewing coffee.  Have to print another page tonight, from book.  And if I don’t, who bloody cares.  It’s chilled outside, everything.  Then, rain.  Wish for snow, but that’s all I can do.

Would love to clear this desk.  Maybe I will, while Jack plays downstairs with his friend, Addison.


6:58.  Addison gone.  Alice upstairs in shower.  Jack and I spend some time, here, to music coming from my phone, which he now tightly grips, not letting me take it back to its owner’s hold.  Relaxed, and yes the rain falls, but lightly, enough to tell a story of what’s ahead.  And if tomorrow’s to be slow, I WILL leave early.  Only in the mood to write, finish these FT apps.

The semester’s story, well into its stride.  So in love with all chapters, paragraphs so far.  The idea for a magazine, “untie”, I’ll birth after terms ends, when I’m truly free, when I have BOOKS about.

Poems tonight.  And a vignette or two.  What the scene, in that 4th & D spot, where my writer friend and I talked about characters, work, writing, writing spaces, all relevant to us as writer.  And I’ll only keep the same in sequence this evening, in the kitchen’s nook, pretending I’m in Paris…