Nearly finished with Napa Supplemental Questions.  After ‘100’, I’ll be retiring to the library, finish application completely.  10:18AM, presently.  Had a nice interaction with a student on her Hemingway paper.  ‘Faith’, I’ll call her, actually hunted me down in this building, where she found me here, in the conference Room, just outside–actually across the hall from–my shared office.

Will definitely need another coffee.  Or mocha.  Had plenty of sleep, last night, but woke exhausted.  Why?  Interesting…  What will I do when done with app?  Will I leave library?  NO!  I’ll stay on campus, stay in writing/teaching character.  I want to be surrounded by the academic stage characteristic.. I want to always be here.. my character is here, and this, ALL THIS, is more than integral in my makeup.

10:21AM.  Giving Self 7 minutes to write.  Now 6…  My plan for the day in ‘100’ is simple: get them to react to what they see in Ms. Walls’ life, from her parents.  I see the conversation lasting about an hour, then I’ll put them into groups for a short time, then adjourn.  I know some what to talk about their first papers, which are due Wednesday, so I’ll have a bit of an office hour, after.  Today’s apex aspiration and aim: GET NVC APP DONE!

Just wrote first prompt for ‘100’ meeting: “Walls: What’s going on here? And be honest…” Honesty’s difficult for the modern student, and I’m not sure why.  Must be the elevated urgency for consideration, which is good!  But it’s detrimental if it compromises your ideas’ expression.


1:31PM.  In the adjunct cell.  NVC app done, complete here.  Too crowded in the library.  And too noisy, strangely.  All I have left is filling out the actual application, then furnishing a list of my teaching assignments for the last five years– which is a bit of a pain, but good for me, as it further organizes me, my understanding of my qualifications, just what I’ve done, teaching-wise.

Starting to get a bit hungry.  Would love a sandwich of some kind.. maybe even a burger.  But where?  Thinking…  Would love to write in spot I haven’t before.  Maybe I should travel down to the café in Rohnert Park.  I could deposit my SRJC check, take myself out to lunch.  Thinking…

Can’t allow mySelf to become discouraged or distracted with these applications.  This is my moment, where I decide the thematically directional shift of my life, and career.  I’m done with wine, much I love it.  I’m done.  Focus on the students.. they are the key.


Just put a Plath quote onto teaching blog.  Think that’s another key.. to what?  Educating for a living.. writing for a living.  This grasp of literature is not by any means unattainable.. that’s what I want students to realize.  Or one idea I want them to embrace.


4:12PM.  At the Starbucks on my block.  The application, all but done.. and so glad is this writer.  Want to write a verse to submit to a lit mag, keep that pattern pulsating.  Submit everything, I’m thinking.  To hades with it all…

18% left on this monstrous thing.  I’ll write the day’s poem, the one I’ll submit, tonight possibly through those portals on the P&W site.  Feeling fearless, this afternoon.  And this 2-shot mocha, small, only helps.  This coffee shop, quite busy today.  Somewhat surprising.  Not sure why I think so.  Alice, went for a run, on this day off for her, then to get little Kerouac a bit early.  Miss my little Artist.


Now, away with

this device.

Write, see ink’s

walkings over the lines,

to moon with my inner