Need another cup.  I just can’t wake up, for some reason.  After 100, my character needs his rest.  A brief, or not so brief, nap.  My internet connection, giving me grief.  Wish I didn’t have to deal with it, ever, frankly.  Just have to make it through the next class, put them in a position to start writing their papers.  And I need to put mySelf in a position to finish my poetry collection.  Again I find it hard to bring myself to go backwards, look at older works.

Feeling panicky in this adjunct cell.  Should go for a walk or something.  Now the video on the other side of the door, in that auditorium classroom, talks about 9/11, and the impact it had on the individual, which only adds to my present anxiety.  Just makes me more exhausted.  Why am I so tired?  Well, my sleep was disrupted a couple times.  Not by Jack, just the sleep itself, which doesn’t at all help this A.M. Mike.