2/26/14:  Must say I’m quite pleased in what I’ve today written.  Three standalone poems, one thousand words, or well over, of prose.. and now I relax, killing what’s left of the Merlot I opened last night.  Plan on putting Self in bed in just under an hour.  Back to work tomorrow.  After reading that entry from SP’s journal today, with ‘5’, I’m already incensed.  A prison term.  A writer, especially the Poet, doesn’t do that.  So what am I doing?  Being responsible.  Fan-bloody-tastic.  But that doesn’t need to be my lean.  Especially with all the characters, opportunity for me to write on company coin, like the poem I rushed the other day while in the “reserve room”.  See, I’ll always win, and all around this writer have no choice but to accept, embrace such.  I’ve made