More light now, at 06:22…. And me thinking of today as

IMG_7295the one that finishes my first wine book.  And I mean, really finishes it.  Not some fantastic fascination, some writer fantasy and self-affirming ghost in my character, but something more, something… you’ll see.  I’ll see.  We’ll all read.  My 12th year in the wine business and I think only now I get it, have more of an anvil-like understanding and conceptual appreciation for wine and the people that drink it, drink her and all her messages and histories.  How is it that this morning is this morning, where I zoom through 2,00 words always coming back to wine but acknowledging where I am here in the house with wife and babies upstairs asleep, counting on me to do something cosmic, something meteorically transformational?  I don’t know, but I’m doing it.

The vineyards.. walk them.

The wines, listen to all of them, as all of them are HER.

You, keep writing.  Don’t you dare fucking stop.  Define and tell and speak wine, all steps of yours are hers, and they WILL be on page.

this morning

IMG_2629The day assures. Grants us a certain pass, or ticket, some sight and invitation to do what we want to, and not just for the day but for the rest of our lives.  But we have to be open, more than just cordially receptive of this metaphysical missive, its message.

Saw something, a friend accomplishing something, an out-of-state office.  I look around the room, this coffee shop, and know I need to be more …. More.  More daring, more fearless, more vocal, more of everything.  What’s the worst that can happen, at this point?

On lunch,

and in no mood for where I am. And I hate saying that. What am I afraid of, I keep asking. There is no cause for a timid form. When back from lunch, I’ll be a new and renewed character. I swear, I swear this time… this time I’m going to make this my time, my time where I’m in no way held in any one place. Why did it take me so long? Don’t think like that… this is perfect timing. More than perfect.