9:47AM. Tired, and I don’t know how I’m making it through next class. I could, I suppose, let them go early, maybe after 45 minutes or an hour. Then, I need a nap. Jackie woke us both in the 4AM hour, and I’ve been alert since. Know just what I’ll have the ‘100’ students do. Won’t confess it with any specificity here, as some of them may be reading. Oh how I look forward to my nap. I’ll re-energize Self for speed work on the track. Would love to write offsite, at some café, but I need rest. That’s all I can think about right now, isn’t that funny– crawling under sheets, into bed, head on the pillow, and fading into a dream set. Or no dreams at all, long as I acquire the rest I need. And I hit a wall, struggle. This exhaustion, getting to me.. and class doesn’t start for another 7 minutes + 1 hour. Painful, this state. Should I post the class? NO! That would be defeat, and I can’t afford the pay hit, not till these chapbooks start moving (which I need to refocus on, I know). Had a thought of going home really quick, but no.. that would make me even more lethargic, agitated. Wait, Mike, wait… Get through ‘100’. The nap will serve as a treat to Self. Mike wrote a lesson plan. One not at all long. There it was. Short, somewhat sweet. The student to his left, just returned to that room that was supposed to be quiet. She ate a sandwich with a disruptively crunchy role. The “TOTAL SILENCE” the room’s sign demanded finally crumbled, like her role. Mike couldn’t take it anymore. He had to leave.