Only Jack and I up.

Me already showered and dressed ready for drive to SF.  I know the time will pass viciously fast, nothing I can do.  Nothing the Nurse and I can do but live in it as exceptionally as we can, not blink or squander even a second.

Still waking up.  Sip 1 from cup.  Letting any and all thoughts find me – Emma last night walking around he loft taking notes, pretending she’s the owner of a hotel.  This condo being aforementioned hotel.  Told me when they were open, when closed.  What Grandpa’s role was, Jack’s.  Her imagination was on a hunt for more facets and details, she continued till bed.  More than admirable, enviable.  I need to be more like her, I thought.  Who knows, the more you dream and pretend eventually it might form, and stick.

$10 I gave her yesterday for her most recent tooth loss, she said would pay for something at the hotel.  She didn’t specify.  Me at the Nook table investing time and currency in the freelance blogging.

The idea of freelancing, brought up by my friend at the last company…. Going there.  Redrawing, at the board.