Much later, not much done.  

Just some budgeting and expense acts.  Still not done, still not fun, by any measure.  Keep going.

Want to get out of the house.  Go for a walk or something.  Run’s not happening today I guess.  Could do another latte, this time no cinnamon.

Some weights.  Bored.  Plenty to say about boredom working at home.  Pretend to not be, but we all know what it is.

14:07…..  Expenses done, budget stable.  Now what.

Not from the Nurse, of course I smile and can’t stop and have to tell her.  Distract myself, keep elf busy… reread something.  What.  And no not Kerouac’s Road, or any of his works.  How about…..  YES!  Fear and Loathing…..  I’m Duke, how I’m approaching everything.  How I talk to myself.  

Why?  Just what I need.  The WHY is the engine, the wick with a mini-blaze.

Don’t believe in titles.  Why separate anything from the prose, or why write anything other than the body.  

Titles are too helpful, too guiding, too compromising. Frankly, they piss me off.  Annoy me.  Would roll my eyes and invisibly vomit when students would submit an essay with some title they thought was just the most specific and sexy shot from the heavens.