Latte, back and forth between laptops.  Two emails sent, and we’re off.

Expenses, budget… has to be done today.  Without fail.  I’m serious, I say to myself, like I’m talking to one. Of the kids after not doing something I’ve asked repeatedly.

Texting with a friend at the old company.  Have to say, I’m relieved I left.  No idea what’s happening there, but it’s not good.  Not what it used to be.

He gives me ideas, for stories, content, creating on and off a blog.  Focus… the paragraphs, the meditation here at the desk.  Collecting elf, then deploy.  For my kids…

All of this for them.  The single dad story.  A single dad in tech, knowing I’m not the only one but that’s not the point.

Nurse messages me, reminding me of tomorrow in SF.  Time passing quick but not paying attention to it.  Accepting it I guess you could say but more so working so much I ignore it…

The WHY, again…. Writer, blogger, single dad, runner, tech-ish bloke, somewhat of a wine geek even though I hate that word.  Me, simply, About EVERYTHING.

Warm in office, muggy outside.  Should make today’s run interesting.  Yesterday was 5k, today I’m aiming for 4 and the usual route down Conde.