A lot going on around me.  Fit in 3.12 miles.  Hot.  Not logging pace, not even giving it any mind. 


Picking up Henry soon, thinking of what I need to get done today, tomorrow.

Again with piles on desktop.  Quiet, only hear the AC.  Zen… repeating it again, “I AM…” Not bothered by what some attempt. Their obvious intentions and hypocrisy.  Comedy, my own private channel.  They do all the work, and I intake.

Nothing to report, nothing occurring, but what did Sedaris say?  Even if nothing happened he’d have plenty to say about?  Something like that.  All I can word right now is my gratitude …..  I have nothing to complain about, seriously.

All of us having dinner here tonight, family dinner at the insistence of Jack and Emma.  Keep moving, no matter how tired I am and I am, starting to feel the run and all the sun.  80+ when I landed here, at the front door.

Nurse texts, I wait to respond.  Gather thoughts best I can, so much to say.

More verses, music, pause and collection.

This is the Road I want to invest in.