Head-start on the week.  Tomorrow’s agenda, written.  Day starts at 5. May do cycling first, then shower, then be at desk.  Will do reports and times tonight.  Shooting for 100 calls, tomorrow.  Blend of physical, email and phone. Nothing on the board yet so far this month.  People cite the pandemic, and whether true orContinue reading “11:58am.”


Honesty.  With everything.  Some explanations may not be pretty, they may not even be what some would deem “professional”.  But it something is sincere, heartfelt and kind, then how could it ever be wrong.  Communicating with new customers is a challenge in the lack of familiarity.  Some call it “cold”, be it calling or emailing,Continue reading “#prospectesk”


Short poem done.  Not sure what to do now.  Go upstairs and check on Jack, or stay here.  Go mad.  Let the quarantine symptoms in, all of them.  Stay at this desk and just go batshit fucking crazy.  Writing like a madman, like I’m confined to a cell… solitarily solitary, playing a form of proseContinue reading “11:46.”


Everything I see is meant to show me about me, where I’m going and why.  It is for all of us.  Not just me.  And that’s another aspect and dimension to quarantine’s instruction… it’s more than you.  It’s more than the singular consideration of things and moments day-to-day.  Collective, much more collect.  And, play more. Continue reading “note”

Whenever you have something blocking your writing, or thoughts, keep writing and thinking anyway.

Write about the block, think more about it.  Write about thinking about it.  Don’t think there’s so much to it.  In writing, you sit, you react, to what’s around you, to what’s in the text.  And why not blend the two.  Reality in the room, then on the page.  That’s all you need to haveContinue reading “Whenever you have something blocking your writing, or thoughts, keep writing and thinking anyway.”