CHOOSE HAPPY, the sign reads in the loft’s kitchen.  I AM, I AM, I AM.  And will let nothing, no

one obstruct it.  No matter the intensity of evil.

The tasting yesterday has me AGAIN refocusing on and honing on wine as a topic. Why the fuck do I always do this, go back and forth?  I keep chasing other things, the “shiny” like a friend said to me recently over the phone.  No idea… even when discouraged or disgruntled I have to think of the vineyards… those walks.  What I saw yesterday on the drive down Star Road.

Sonoma County… why do I leave three days a week to come here?  Yeah, work, I know.  But… doesn’t sit well with me today.  I’ll work through it… thinking of the wine tonight, a Napa Cab, Markham that I bought shopping with the Nurse yesterday needing random things for the condo.