Like I need more caffeine. Not in the mood to sit in this Starbucks so why am I.

8:37…. Photog ideas. Old pictures and editing them slightly. Not buying a new camera as I’m tempted to.

Most of them vineyards, or wine labels, or the kids…. Now this tall latte with 2 shots. Like I need them. Throwing self into writing and ideas of books I’ve read and want to read – Kerouac and reconnecting with Plath, reading David Eggsers as I’ve always wanted to, and Sloane Crosley…. Reading everything and like I never have or did in College.

Want to be an English Major again, regardless of what people say and the comments they have.

Picture of a note to self, over a year ago. Can’t help but notice how quick time passes, and how many humans come and go. As they do. Starting to question my own urges and inclinations to get to know someone or get closer to anybody. Why…. They’re going to be gone eventually. Just how I feel presently, and much of this is associated with the shift, of course. Obvious to me but maybe not some.

Intensely thick fog outside. Want to go for a drive and listen to a book… who. Sedaris. Or Lawson… need to think about it.

You g dad with his son on the other side of this shop, tells son to wipe off chocolate from hands before touching anything. “How did you get so much chocolate on your hands…? It’s okay….”, he says, helping him with the chocolate gloves.

Old pic of Henry. Now look at him. My children, probably the only constant in my story. Dad and his son leave and I start to miss the kids intensely. Emma’s party today at 11, not 8 as I thought. Couldn’t read the image of the invite her mother sent me, looked like an 8. Not sure why she couldn’t have just written out the time and not been such a virus of passive aggressive effort emailing me an image when I asked for time and location confirmation.

Topic next. Bored of that one. People in their cars in the drive through…. Sipping latte slow. Can’t wait for visit to Fountaingrove condo later. Literally looking at clock and doing the remedial math determining how much longer I have to wait.

Quick pic while walking of Emma following my mother at bedtime, to Emma’s bed and blankets, Emmie asking her grandmother questions and then partially answering them for my mother, then telling her of occurrences in her day and what she wants to do tomorrow, then something about her approaching birthday.

I just watch them grown. And me just get old.