Up early and Emma’s gifts ready.  Leaving in about 30 minutes.  A few thoughts about yesterday’s wines and people, experiences and drives but I don’t want to write about wine right now, or for a while today.  Just want to think about my little Emma… how grown she is, how much I love her and SHE makes me smile like no other human being can.

What I want to be for her, and her brothers.  No more distractions from these other humans.  Another thought from yesterday, the quiet of the vineyards and the tasting room when no one’s around.  More time for writing, for collection, SELF – Beyond happy I’m not in the tasting room today.  Starting to wonder what that’s doing for me, if anything.  Helping out a friend, yeah.. okay… but I need to be set and firm in the AE story.  27 days left in 2021 counting today.  Looking at that condo later… unless it has a rotting cow carcass in it, I’ll make an offer.

Quiet today… radio silence.  See what the reaction, if any, is.  And not from the other humans, FROM MYSELF.  No social media… just writing, notes, reading, study… how being About EVERYTHING is supposed to be going forward and well into 2022.