Nurse leaving a little over 30 minutes ago in a rare early departure.  Going to a concert she booked months before knowing me.  All good, although sad.  Keeping self busy and with projects, far too many to just let myself be sulky and mopey.  No, starting with receipts and stories.  Yesterday with a friend, who I don’t think I’ll be spending much more time with after some accusations made, and odd behavior.

And of course now I’ll get questions about this, but they don’t need to be addressed.  HE, doesn’t deserve address.  So, into the story.  Today.  Petaluma with Nurse where we thought we ordered a burger to share but it was a veggie/bean burger.  And not that good.  I felt bad, she apologized for picking it but then I corrected her and said we both picked it.  We laughed, walked, stood on that bridge and just gawked at the water and old buildings, how perfect the weather was.

She asked me if I would go kayaking or wake boarding with her.  Of course, I responded.  Travel, what we’ll be know for, what people will categorize us by, the couple that travels.