This morning, gratitude push and takeover.  Stunned and humbled by life. MY, life.  My kids and their health… the Nurse, who’s on her way now.  This condo, my work.  EVERYTHING.

And, as an AE, I am About EVERYTHING.

Laundry going, even that sound has me with intensified and magnified thankfulness.

No plan for day, other than to be with the Nurse… this amazing human that is in my life, making literally every turn better.  All days and languages.

Trying to ground myself and moderate emotion but I’m overcome this morning… Asking myself to stop, or telling.  “Look at your life, look where you are, look where you live,” sipping the espresso in the corner by its parental machine, the overcast outside and sound of a crow somewhere outside in the alley.

Nurse sent me her ETA, I keep checking.  Oh shit, need to get in shower…. Sunday, a day to get it all done-day.  Push emotion and the gratitude aside, focus.

Getting the camera just need to devote dollars in MAP ledger.  Going to Dry Creek today with Nurse, she doesn’t know.  Surprise getaway.  Taking pictures with old camera…