In office.  Opened Markham Cab and done with receipts.  Music through the JBL speaker I received as gift during the President’s Club trip last year.  And now all of Front Street is gone.  MY heart is broken, everywhere, and mind same.

Messaging, done with budget, and laughing at negative notes.  So persistent, so depurate, so obvious.  Loving this condo, my 1st floor office.  The Nurse telling me things, unintentional guidance.  The drive home tonight and sushi at Oliver’s, taking notes on the people working… no quota to meet, laughing with each other, old tourist couple sitting next to me having Pliny’s and something from the taco bar, saying how much they love it here.

GRATEFUL.  Enough of this negative shit.  Why do I ever let it hop into my love layers?  Coagulate, sewer rotation in language, all of them.

My solution – LAIUGH.

Nurse reminds me I have to do laundry, “I don’t want you wearing boxers to work tomorrow,” she says.  Love it.  Need this humor.  Didn’t have it before, not even a small molecular fraction.

One more sip, then detergent, and those small fucking scent pebbles or whatever they are she urged I buy when shopping with her at Safeway yesterday.