08:58 and already a LOT done.  Staying in the desk and not moving.  Lunch will be quick, peanut butter sandwich, couple chips, and Diet Coke.  Food though in my mind now and this sitting unimportant.

Nurse leaving EARLY this morning for her drive to the hospital.  Now sure if it’s awe I feel next to her, fascination, inferiority, shock, inspiration, or maybe all of it.  She is good for me, that I know.  Never, sorry to write again, this for another human.  Not even close.  Using it… what got to me yesterday and put me in some mood was distance from her even though we spent the entire day Sunday today – coffee, the hike, an incredible and silly and narrative lunch where I met one of her closest friends, also a nurse.

Shopping, making dinner, dancing in the kitchen….

Is this happening to me?  I need that attitude with everything, the sales story and prop tech when it frustrates the brains out of me.  This morning, yes.  That feeling.  Keep everything simple I remind myself.  Still debating on getting that new camera, yes… STILL.  I’m a writer, blogger, what the fuck do I need a camera for?