Need something to do.  What… bored a bit.  Should go for a walk.  Yes, to Oliver’s.  Get what I need for tonight.  Waiting just a bit..  

Happy.  And nothing’s budging that.  NOTHING.  Fighting any negativity by not fighting, rather walking and positive and grateful gallop.

No distractions tonight, only the office.  For my kids.. supporting them.  Certain things that tempt and distract and disrupt getting no page presence beyond a general and evasive mention like that.

Coffee singing, tired fo the jazz I have to say.  What about LoFi?  Have’t listened to that in a while…

Much better.  Actually caught myself smiling.  How can I not?  Don’t use the term a lot, but I am blessed as FUCK.  My family, their support, the kids, the Nurse, some friends but not many.  Onward into it..

Writing down every business idea that comes to me today, on my phone if I have to.  Photographer, café owner, marketing firm, media creative agency…. What else.  Sure something will shove me one way or another.

Saw pic of two old friends from the wine world.  Yes, I miss it.  The tasting room, juggling of groups, what you pour then what you say.