11:30 call went well, and now trying to figure out a site visit in Sacramento for next Monday.  Feel like I’ve lost my way a bit with work, just told the Nurse.  Which is true.  Seriously, asking myself WHAT DO I DO?

Should I have stayed in teaching?  Wine?  And wine… well, it doesn’t pay.  So why the fuck would I EVER consider going back?

Teaching… okay.  Well, we all know that doesn’t pay.  Shit… what do I do… have to put everything into content creation and story telling, blogging… that’s the only thing left.  I’m panicking, I know.

Erase the chalkboard.  And just look at it.  What do you want to build… and WHY.

Can think of anything to draw.  Maybe this is supposed to be exciting.  But I’m riddled with nerves…. 44, and I’m feeling this.


Stick with those passions… wine and writing, blogging, the vineyard… photography.  Why do I get doused in doubt and second-guess self so much?  Been back and forth in this energy for a few months now, and it’s time for it to die.

Looking for another old shot, found one…