Starting with where I started… will never forget it, the bottle of Merlot Mom recommended I buy

when living in San Ramon about to have someone over.  Blackstone Merlot, Mom said over the phone, me asking her seeing her as the wine expert of the family with the at-the-time new PT/on-call gig at St. Francis, tasting room.

Extended definition of wine… books-long – 








Started a new doc for the definition.  That is how I’m returning to wine.  Defining it… excavating the collective and singularly bedazzling voice of wine.  Her music, steps, Beats – poetics and lines, stanzas, choruses…

So electric right now, with a certain voltage antagonized by the Nurse, the dinner the other night, Merlot anoche, and other events, realizations like yesterday’s 2+ hour commute and nearly 2-hour drive back.  Four hours, in a fucking car.

Haven’t touched work in a bit, should check in …..  That too is a project …..  Selling wine isn’t selling.  And my principles on sales have not so much changed as they have been reconsidered, redefined.