.699 AVG.  Good, I say to myself.  I want it to go down.  Less is better.  On the call PM Bob showed me his notes… no stretched out sentences or paragraphs.  In fact, no sentences at all, and certainly not a paragraph anywhere.  Simple notes, fragments, to-the-point.

My writing need be more the like, more that style and dialect.  This is notably useful when writing about or from wine.  Zin or other types, characters.  MY former wine scribbling self resurrected.  This morning, the other night at the dinner and tasting, and last night with the Sauv Blanc I had down the street, the Pinot I had earlier in the evening with my longtime wine buddy Adrian, a Pinot he accused of being “port-like”.  I disagreed.  In fact, I accused him of misjudging it.  Yes it was older, but port-like?  Get the fuck outta here….


Merlot…. It was Merlot I was sipping last night while writing.  Why did I think it was Zin?  Probably from the other night, and my sister specializing in Zin.  Anyway, coffee next to me and building this new wine story…. New domain about to secure.