In a meeting…. he’s talking….

Meeting over.  Bouncing from one thing to another.  Need more coffee.  Heading upstairs to get said cup in a sec, but first a quick call, have to pay a bill on the company CC… admission for an event.

Paid.  Text sent to Nurse, she’s working today, at hospital now.   Keeping myself busier than busy, Mom reminding me of dinner tonight at their house.  Nearly forgot.  Meeting at 16:30 with someone who ….. can’t remember which one.

Coffee break…

Being made, machine growling and bubbling, there it is….  Back upstairs for cup now.

Decided that I am DONE with ….. in a way I’ve never been.  Last night’s Zinfandel and the tasting the other night for my parents’ 50th is a reminder of what wine is…

My sister talking about her bottles and how she made them, what they were intended to speak, show, how their dimensions vary and communicate differently as you age them, what you pair them with, maybe, etc.

Letting the coffee cool, to a mock-iced coffee temp, or close.