Needing a vineyard walk.  So I of course look through more old shots.  Those walks I’d do on lunch at Dutcher Crossing, nearly every day I’d work.  That’s what wine is to me, not much what you sip but what surrounds and the origins.  Connected ideas, company, conversations.  Me here in 2023 thinking back to mediations in 2016/2017… then those morning walks at Roth with my coffee checking up on the clusters that just set.

Being in tech for nearly five years and in these past few days growing a love over an already-present love for the vineyard, where I say I am the most me.

Time, looking at tomorrow, then the weekend, what I have to do… my list. The drive to Dry Creek, one spot where I’m hoping to taste a bit.  Nothing planned, haven’t booked anything official, just want to go back to where much of this love of wine and vineyards and the people, Sonoma County, started.