21:19 ///// In old nook, writing and looking at tomorrow’s calendar.  Texting Nurse, notes for a later communication.

Tired of certain dynamics and refrains…. So, I live now utterly unafraid.  Only want to provide for my babies, and build with one human.

SoCo Cab, meh… not to be hypercritical, or even one of those gently judge wine consumers, I’m  just nonreactive.  But here I am writing about it, so figure that out.

Beautiful night in Sonoma County… Where I live.  Writing it more, the wine echoes and senses, sentences, statement.  21:29….  One more sip, call Nurse.  How is my life this beautiful … my kids, the vineyard they’ll play in, help with if they want.  Fairytale, told fairly, honestly, fairing well—