In office, Cleveland Ave.  Both laptops and iPad out…. I’m building something today, although I expect it to be relatively quiet.  So using the downtime if you could call it that to collect.  Need another coffee, will make soon.

Merlot last night, everything I needed in terms of motivation and ideas for business assembly.  Winery consultancy through the vvv blog.

On Slack just put my status as “INSPIRED TO CREATE AND BUILD!!!”” All caps as that’s where my mood’s at.

Running at lunch.  4 miles.  And stopping.  That should take me to about the park in Coffey Park.  10k tomorrow, 5 on Wednesday.  The week planned.  A sprinting stretch of mind more than physicality.

Nurse and I on our traditional morning coffee date this morning talking about family and what we have in life, the gratitude intensity and both being at a point of wanting nothing.

Imagine that.  Interpreting your life POSITIVELY.

Sounds like voodoo to some, I’m sure.  Can just see their eyes rolling, hear their squeaky dismissal.

Carpeting coming my own thoughts with affirmations, assurances, new knowledge and notes.  A Beatific Beat anew, fostered soon and further antagonized by coffee.