Kids up.


Waffles for Jack and Henry, espresso for the writer.  Nurse leaving well before they were up, off to the hospital.

More intent on this analogous perspective of the MSP steps and a hospital, ER or ICU, or PACU.  Health of tech and the business.

Henry and Emma talking to each other, not sure what about.  Henry watching a kids show, Nurse messages and I message back.

Still a little sick, coughing much of last night.  Don’t think I’m running today.  May work a half-day, groggy and with little urge for acceleration.

Driving my vehicle, this assembled matter..

10:34 – Going to take a quick power nap.  Everything in tech/MSP layer stable, tranquil.  Knock wood, but shouldn’t say that ‘cause that’s when shit goes sideways, like the Nurse says telling me of how Nurses are superstitious beings and urge each other not to say much in terms of possible occurrence or incident.

12:11 >>> Back at the desk.  Taking notes on tickets, clients, and what to do with certain services and whatever else I can learn.  I’m becoming the MSP, that’s what I’m noticing.  OR, not the MSP but a new Mike Madigan draft.