A new situation for the writer.  New life and look, perception, story, EVERYTHING.

Grateful for the desk, and….  Never mind.

Finishing the sexual harassment training.  I’m sorry, but the acting is hilarious because it’s so fucking bad.  I mean, REALLY bad.  Now the “education facet”.  Almost done.

12:21.  No run today.  Tired and still coughing.  Think I kept the Nurse up a bit last night with my coughs, after coming upstairs from couch when Henry called for me.  And she is at work, positive language and texts, telling me she loves me.  How does she do it.

Now they’re quizzing me.  Jesus Christ …..  Finding humor in it, and there’s a lot.

Hypothetical scene, where one character is called “The groped employee”.  Is it wrong that I find that lovingly comedic?

Saw this picture on Facebook.  Attached to a meme I think.  Anyway someone posted it and I couldn’t stop staring… the emotion and feeling from the view and characters, their hands up, one I think I can see smiling.  Atop the world, that feeling.  How I feel now in this new work story, having my kids last night and how easy this morning was.