15:05…. Store before Henry and Emma.  Then back to loft.

Having a late snack now, light and just to quell any hunger,  Need another water.

Short visit with the kids over the next couple days, makes me sad but also motivates me.  Get everything you can from it.. memories and writing, pictures and unrecorded moments.  Everything.. just time with them!  The most pertinent morsel.

Quiet in the office.  Not sure if anyone but me is here.  May head out a bit early, go to Whole Foods and get whatever for dinner.

Again feeling gratitude and ease, no bother or worry, stress, angst.  Nothing like that.  Nothing at all.  All that’s in my thinking pace now is UP.  Elevation, writing, finishing books and doing something light and not too demanding with photog, wine… still not sure what to do with the Archive.

Photo studio… Get prints maybe?  That costs, though.  Mindful of every moving coin these days, believe me.

Photo from 11/16/16… where was I.  Oh yeah Dutcher Crossing, I think.  This must have been from one of the dozens if not hundred of lunch vineyard walks I did.  

Decided, the Archive is for photog.  DONE.