19:52 at the Nurse’s house.  She got called in for a couple patients.  Me here with Oliver and Figgy,

calming down from day.  I let a couple things into my cells, but dispelled them on the drive back here.  Now calm with this Oakville Cab that we bought at Costco, surprisingly.

Returning to wine, and from the point of kindness and positive talk.  Everything has to celebrate the moment you’re in, life.  I think of Sedaris and his comedic consideration of everything. ME, at the latter part of today.  Seriously, saying to myself – “You let that get to you?  You little bitch…”

I need to be more of a fighter.  More of that ‘warrior’ writer, or whatever. Toughen up, and not just toughen up but see events and people for what they are.  Not to devalue them, but devote consideration and attention.

This is the medicine, self-talk.  And again, a comedic approach and lens.  You have to find it funny, all of it.  The pill client, oh my god.  Can you imagine what it’s like to live in that prison of a mind? 

I can find that funny, right?  That’s not mean, is it…