Tired, not running.  Sipping coffee, feel Beat, disinterested.  Like I need a nap.  Meeting at 15:00, so going home early and working from home and maybe sneaking in a power nap is out of the question.

Doing a sexual harassment training online, typing between screens.  I know it’s wrong but I’m drained.  Is it from yesterday’s run?  Or the lack of sleep last night, or both?  They said it was going to rain.  Where the fuck is it?

Sprinkled only a little on the drive back to Sonoma County.  Disappointing.

Thinking of taking myself out to lunch somewhere, but where.  Maybe that Vietnamese place Andy took me to my first week.  Sick of Whole Foods… why am I giving lunch so much thought.  Someone killing my vibe slightly, this pill client.

Forcing myself to smile, and find gratitude in this standing at the desk, even in this goddamn “training”.

Talking myself or rather writing self out of this mood.  Lunch decided… writing my first assessment with the help of the co-founder, later.

Inputting notes from yesterday’s site visit.  What else can I write about… wine.  Always coming back to the vineyard.  Need to get out there more.